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OEM products
Brillante Lighting, with its own manufacturing plants in Taiwan is a preferred partner 
for OEM business for various well-known and established manufacturers and designers worldwide.

Our factory has several internal departments that allow us to have not only the highest grade of efficiency and quality but also an unequalled control over the production and goods. 

From receiving simple drawings and designs of ideas, we develop, assess and calculate costs in our R&D and Engineering departments. First mock-up samples can be made within a few days or case by case even in a day with the use of Rapid Prototyping Machine. 

With more than 10 years experience working with large American lighting companies to develop outdoor landscape lighting and indoor 
lighting fixtures as well as LED drivers. We have a lot of experience with the following manufacturing techniques. 
e.g. Plastic injection, metal stamping, aluminum extrusion/casting, brass extrusion/casting, spinning, lost wax stainless steel casting, potting of the led driver, forging, low-temperature vacuum surface plating of SiO2, low-pressure plastic injection, and so on.

Brillante  Lighting’s expertise in managing LEDs as light engine source and a wide range of materials such as extruded plastic and aluminium,  stamped metal, die-cast aluminium and zinc alloy , injected plastic, glass etc…make it an ideal choice for OEM development.  

Please contact one of our representatives for more information.

We look forward to working with you! 
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